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Hey fellows!
I'm back!!!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Love Love Love 
I took my certificate exam... whew!
I can draw anything now!!! yay!!I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 
Certificate exam delayed by March 17th, so hiatus changed untill 17th.

Sorry for who did trade with me, I have to canceled that.
I don't have time to draw, also I'm hiatus now.
I'm really apogize of canceled, but I hope you guys understand me.

Thanks for reading
Cuz of Certificate exam

Not posting anything(not drawing anything also) until March 10th, only will do faving and commenting

I decide to open commish again!

:bulletgreen:Can draw:bulletgreen:

:bulletred:Can't draw:bulletred:
○NSFW(*not at moment)
○Ahthro(*not at moment)
○Difficult pose
○Realistic one
○Detailed characters


This costs 30:points:!

:bulletyellow:Comment this below:bulletyellow:
Character's ref:
Background color(If you want transparent just write 'transperent'):
What pose should I draw?(only simple poses):
Gore/Nope?(if you want gore plz write what kind of gore):
Want extra character?(this must be pay 20:points: more):
Want any dialogue?(write dialogue is you want):
Want border line?(tell the color if you want)

1. :iconcallistos-wings:
I'm out of interest of ppg(powerpuff girls), so I deleted that gallery. But favorites folder is still remain. Because I just never draw any ppg things now, but I wanna see my fav folder.
Now at korea, Pohang(city)occured earthquake of 5.5.
I really surprised when I heard this, but fortunately I'm in Daejeon now, so I don't feel anything.
My friend feel too(she's at another city).
Hope its okay here...
I only open one commission now!
Only fullbody, only canine and feline!


This is 30:points:!

Character's ref:
Background color(I only use single color):
What pose should I draw?(I only draw simple things):
Do you want border line?:
Do you want any dialogue?:

Fill this and comment below:)
I forgot to upload this
About inactivity.
I went my hometown while cuz of Chuseok so I can't draw anything.
And I have a little sick now...
※Before you reading※
I respect anybody's opinion. This is just MY opinion, so PLZ DO NOT curse for me.

Well... first of all...

I really HATE this pairing...
That's why I never fav those kind of arts.
Is simple.
PPG is hero, but RRB is villan, so this is not make sence.
And someday PPG might will be tainted by them, and they become turned bad.
I don't really understand how can they pair with each other.
Well, RRBXPPNG pairing is nice for me. Cuz they are both villans, so they can suit each other.
Yeah of course at one episode BC got fallen in love with Ace, but it was her mistake.
And PPG and RRB met twice, but they just fight each other, NOT FALLEN LOVE EACH OTHER.
(Well that kiss scene is because they have no choice right?)
And basically, I hate all villan characters of PPG.

Again, this is MY opinion. Do not rage at this. You can do anytime if you want pairing them.

Thanks for reading

"Sorry for bothering you, but your grammar is too bad, I'll fix it."
"It's ○○○(correct spelling), not ○○○(wrong spelling I wrote)"
"Why your grammar is all bad?"

Excuse me, did you guys read my profile?
What it says?
South Korea.
Yes, it says South Korea.
So what? I'm NOT good at grammar. I really studied hard of grammar until now but for me, English grammar is too hard.
Of course I know you are going to fix my grammar but I can't still understand of grammar.
So please... understand me. Don't rush me to grammar okay?

Thanks for reading.