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I decide to open commission, here I go!

:bulletblue:I can draw:bulletblue:

:bulletred:I can't draw:bulletred:
*Other creatures
*Anime, Cartoon characters(I only accept ocs)
*Difficult design characters
*Difficult pose

*Shade is 10:points: more
*Extra character 10:points: more
Long tongue by ShadowTheLeaderBandage by ShadowTheLeader

Edgy psycho boi by ShadowTheLeader

A yellow puppy by ShadowTheLeader
She's still pretty by ShadowTheLeader

Robot Cam doodle by ShadowTheLeader

Blood Bath by ShadowTheLeader
Friday the 13th by ShadowTheLeader

Tahiti pixel thing by ShadowTheLeader

Untitled drawing by ShadowTheLeader

New oc doodle by ShadowTheLeader

New ocs pixel headshot by ShadowTheLeader

*Shade is 15:points: more
*extra character 15:points: more
I'M GAY by ShadowTheLeader

Holy shit... by ShadowTheLeader

Happy Children's day!!! by ShadowTheLeader

Immortal by ShadowTheLeader

Young age's Shadow by ShadowTheLeader

Oh, you mean this? by ShadowTheLeader

Pastel goreeee by ShadowTheLeader

Hello there, sweetheart? by ShadowTheLeader

Birthday meme wip by ShadowTheLeader

Psycho Kitty by ShadowTheLeader

Shadow pagedoll by ShadowTheLeader

Christmas(ShadoKara) by ShadowTheLeader

*Shade is 20:points: more
*Extra character 15Points more
[Ocs AU] His yandere by ShadowTheLeader

Out of body by ShadowTheLeader

[DavidXShadow] FAKE LOVE(Part 2) by ShadowTheLeader

[DavidXShadow] FAKE LOVE by ShadowTheLeader

Boo! by ShadowTheLeader

Revenge is sweet!! by ShadowTheLeader

Well done!! by ShadowTheLeader

A crossed fate by ShadowTheLeader

[Ocs AU] Discover the situation by ShadowTheLeader

Get it in by ShadowTheLeader

Fight with me coward!! by ShadowTheLeader

Behind you!!! by ShadowTheLeader

[Ocs AU] Switch places by ShadowTheLeader

[Ocs AU] Rivals by ShadowTheLeader

Spring collab by ShadowTheLeader

You Made Me This Way!!! by ShadowTheLeader

[Ocs AU] Friends never say goodbye by ShadowTheLeader

Don't cry... by ShadowTheLeader

:bulletwhite:Simple styles:bulletwhite:
Ball Shadow by ShadowTheLeader

Loooooooooong CP by ShadowTheLeader

'Egg' gift by ShadowTheLeader

[G] Mochi CP by ShadowTheLeader

Egg Shadow by ShadowTheLeader

:bulletblack:Character ref sheet:bulletblack:
*Not shaded
Second fursona Neko ref by ShadowTheLeader

-Type of commission: Headshot/fullbody/Scene/Simple styles/Character ref sheet
-Oc(s) ref: 
-Do you wanna Ms paint ver?: (If you choose this, you can't do transparent background)
-Do you wanna transparent background?: (only available headshot, fullbody, simple styles and Character ref sheet)
-Do you wanna shaded?: (It costs more)
-Pose/Expression: (Please write detailed)
-Anything should I know?:

Unlimited slots for now!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
It's Shadow, and I bring contest again!
Do you remember my novel, 'What I Have Become'?…
This one! if you didn't read yet, go for itxD!
So! This contest is drawing WIHB scenes!
You can draw the scenes of the novel, yes!

:bulletblue:Characters refs:bulletblue:

Blue: A crossed fate by ShadowTheLeader : Blue one of one panel, who is shivering and scars on body.
What I Have Become(Cover redo) by ShadowTheLeader : Left one who is crying.

Assailant(before he lost his ear): A crossed fate by ShadowTheLeader : Gray one on one panel, who has big scar on back.

Assailant(after he lost his ear): A crossed fate by ShadowTheLeader : Gray one second panel, who is shivering and wounded, broken his teeth.
You Made Me This Way!!! by ShadowTheLeader : Gray one on left.

And Shadow is same appearance that we all knowxD

If you have any questions of novel scenes, ask me!!
Oh! also, you can draw them into human!

1st: Two fullbody transparent
2nd: One fullbody transparent
3rd: One traditional headshot


:bulletpink:Peeps who might be interest(only do if you wanna ofc!):bulletpink:
:icontaitloo-r: :iconcallistos-wings: :icondarkecho17: :iconshippin-dots: :icongogreendreamer123: :iconblueyean:
1st prize

Dont Cry... (Contest Entry) by DarkEcho17

I love expressions!!
Kara said "Don't cry..." but she even crying, wow! This is so touching!!!
Your prize is two fullbody transparents!! show ur ocs!

2st prize

[CON] So glad we've almost made it by Shippin-Dots

This is awesome!!
Love crying Shadow, and Kara too! Also you did the same background as original, that's cool!!
Your prize is one fullbody transparent!! Show ur oc!

Thanks for entry my contest, I really appreciate it!!!:love:
Tagged by :iconblueyean:

<Her questions>

1. Capitalism and socialism, which one do you prefer?
Capitalism I guess?

2. One of your favorite OC, plz introduce himself/herself!

3. Wanna go foriegn country someday? If you want, where?
I already went when I young, but I wanna go again

4. What's your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend?
Well pass

5. Do you proud of your homecountry or moved residence?
Um... not really.

6. Do you think World War III will happen?

7. What's the most serious problem in your country?

8. Any song do you like?
Lots ofxD

9. Have you ever love someone?
Only idols lol

10. What's your favorite dessert?
Especially... PeachxD

11. How's your opinion about colonized place by homecountry or who colonized by foriegn?

12. What will you do if you met the racist on the online or offline?
Offline: KILL THEM
Lol it's joke, I guess I'll never talk with them again

Tag time!!
:iconblueyean: : Do it again bro lol
:icontaitloo-r: :iconcallistos-wings: :iconpitthekidicarus: :icongold-fang: :iconmothereyolf: :iconruffcarly: :iconwolfytheruff: :icondarkecho17: :icongogreendreamer123:

※My questions!※

1. If you can change your gender for one day, what do you do?
2. What do you do at your free time?
3. Why did you join DA?
4. How's your opinion about North Korea?
5. Do you like horror movies? If so, what's your favorite movies?
6. Do you have any pets? If so, how many?
7. Your favorite animal(s)?
8. How's your opinion about homophobes?
9. Favorite cartoons/anime?
10. And last one is...
Do you have boyfriend/girlfriend?I'm sorry
The title is the contentxD
What I Have Become(Cover redo) by ShadowTheLeader

<Before you read>

* This is my novel.
* Realistic fiction, of course. In reality, I didn't kill assailant.
* Viewpoint change a lot. ex) Shadow's viewpoint, etc...
* Salutation, detention, many Gore elements warning!
* There is a description of bullying.
* As mentioned in the first book, this novel is based on actual school bullying that I have experienced.
* It has two endings
* Bad grammar warning, I used a Papago translate. And I edit things a lot.

[Assailant point]

Agh, it was really boring day today. 

I hate school... I have to go to PC room with my friends...

I wanna play a game... 

But why this guys didn't come?!

I'm freezing!!

Oh, are the guys coming? Hey! Why are you so lat...

Uhm... What...

I guess someone must have stopped my mouth and knocked me out ......

Is was an illusion...?

Anyway, I have to go PC room quickly...


What is this?! I can not move my body ...


I'm tied up ...?!

Damn it!

Are the friends playing games? 

Fucking Dammit!!

Damn it ... I'll be able to move this tied chair out.

Ah! they been tied up so hard! You guys! Why are you doing this!

Uh ...? someone comes in ...

" Hi, **? Long time no see. How are you? "

(** is not a swear word, It's a assailant name

 but I hide just because I don't even want to mention it.)

What...what? Who are you!!!

" Oh, have you already forgotten? Well, It's been 10 years, So it worth to forgotting..."


What is she...

"But I thought you would remember it, but I'm really disappointed that you forgot. Okay, I'll start talking with a little to taking a rest~"

[Blue Point]

(10 years ago, when Blue was 10 years old)

(Blue is the old name of the shadow, she renamed 'Shadow' when she were grow)

Stop it! It hurts... It hurts ...!

" Haha, you rotten little bastard, see how you cry! Haha, she running her nose, how dirty!! "

"Hahaha... so funny, isn't her? "

I did one mistake, and it makes my classmate to 'dirty girl'.

I thought it will going to be okay in a few days, but ...

Their behavior getting worse.

They wrote my book that I brought, it says 'Die' , Grim reaper' etc...

" Hey, I heard you eat a booger. "

" Oh, so fucking gross!"

" Hey, don't touch her! you will decayed! lol."

And one day, They even put the clips on my head and made me cry...

Fortunately, my class teacher scolded them.

But they did not stop bullying.

"Why are you born~? Why are you born~? Why are you born~?"

And every recess, they come to my place.

And sang this song over and over again.

Every day was like hell. I wanted to die.

I even wanted to kill myself.

When I die, they will like it...

But I was too much of a coward then to do that.

I couldn't even die of fear.

[Shadow Point]

(Now that you are back to reality, it is the shadow point)

How was it? Do you remember everything now?

You must remember everything from the look on your face.

Oh, were you surprised? Yes, it was completely different from that time.

You must be surprised to see it.

"So, you are... Blue?"


Don't call me blue. Stop calling that disgusting name.

son of bitch.

Call me Shadow. To a gutter like you

It is disgraceful to mention a name.

"KKKKK...(suffer from pain's sound)"

Does it hurt a lot? Yeah... cuz your some of teeth were broken...!

But you know what?

I'm just starting now.

Let's see...

Shall I start on your one ear?

[Assailant point]

What ...? Ears ... ears? !!

"Sooo~, the ear, goes in the cut operation"

W... WWWAIT!!!!!


"Ta-Da! Your ears were cut neatly~ LOL"

A... Agh...

It hurts ... so bad!!!

"Look at this. This is your ears. Isn't it amazing? I can't believe I'm going to see your ears like this. 

Ah... Aaaaaaaah...

Stop it! Stop it!

"Stop it? Why? I just start now."

It hurts ... It really hurts!!!

"Oh, does it hurt? 
Dude. Do you know how I felt then? I was more painful than this. I was always heartbroken! But you're only sick with one ear cut? You bastard! "



[Shadow Point]

I felt this way!!!

Look! How it feel that you're kicking me?

Hurts, doesn't it? Huh?!


Yeah, it's going to hurt!!!

But you laughed!!!

Watching me in pain and distress...

You laughed!!! Now do you know how I feel?!!!

Oh, why I'm crying all of a sudden? It's a nice day, but it's a great day.

Okay... Now that we've got the basics, we're done!

I brought the chainsaw that I had been stuck in the warehouse.

Now... Time to finish!!!

" Wait a minute!!! agh..."

Well, there must be a last word?

"I... I... I... I was really sorry...I didn't know how you felt then... I broke your heart... Really... sorry... Forgive me... I... I'll do anything you want!!"

Anything I want?


You guys always say that. If you're in trouble, pray for help and do whatever you want! They are all the same...

So DIE!!!

(wiing<chainsaw sound>)


- Ending 1 : No mercy -

{Now go to ending 2}

[Shadow Point]

Okay... Now that we've got the basics, we're done!

I brought the chainsaw that I had been stuck in the warehouse.

Now... Time to finish!!!

"Wait a minute!!! Agh..."

Well, there must be a last word?

"I... I... I... I was really sorry...I didn't know how you felt then... I broke your heart... Really... sorry... Forgive me... I... I'll do anything you want!!"

Anything I want?

That's an interesting suggestion. Okay, I've got something in mind.

Hey, secretary! Bring them in.

All right, good work. Go to your work now.


You said before that you would do whatever I told you to do?

Then I brought your friends here, so...


[Assailant point]


W... why?

"Kill them. Why you can't? You just said you did everything I asked. I think they deserve to die because they are friends of a boy like you anyway."

No... No... What... what are you talking about? How... can... I... kill... Friends...

"You can't? I'll do it then."

Ah...Oh ... Aaaaaaaah ...



"What are you waiting for? Should I kill like this?"


I sat down.

My... my friends died in front of me... they died...

[Shadow Point]

You're so funny, you said you'd do anything I told you a little while ago?

But you couldn't kill them.

You broke your promise, right?

Then die too.


- Ending 2 : There is no happy ending.

Hiya! Shadow is here.

So! I bring contest again, That is...
Scene redo!
You guys just redraw my ocs scene!!
Scene list:………………………
(And you can also draw when I upload new scene!)

Rules: You must draw only scene, not draw just my ocs. And PLEASE do not make new scene that I didn't draw yet.

Deadline: May 31th

1st: Two fullbody transparent
2nd: One fullbody transparent
3rd: One traditional headshot

That's all!
I hope you enjoying my contest!

-Shadow out -…
Hey fellows!
I'm back!!!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Love Love Love 
I took my certificate exam... whew!
I can draw anything now!!! yay!!I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 
Certificate exam delayed by March 17th, so hiatus changed untill 17th.

Sorry for who did trade with me, I have to canceled that.
I don't have time to draw, also I'm hiatus now.
I'm really apogize of canceled, but I hope you guys understand me.

Thanks for reading
Cuz of Certificate exam

Not posting anything(not drawing anything also) until March 10th, only will do faving and commenting

I'm out of interest of ppg(powerpuff girls), so I deleted that gallery. But favorites folder is still remain. Because I just never draw any ppg things now, but I wanna see my fav folder.
Now at korea, Pohang(city)occured earthquake of 5.5.
I really surprised when I heard this, but fortunately I'm in Daejeon now, so I don't feel anything.
My friend feel too(she's at another city).
Hope its okay here...
I only open one commission now!
Only fullbody, only canine and feline!


This is 30:points:!

Character's ref:
Background color(I only use single color):
What pose should I draw?(I only draw simple things):
Do you want border line?:
Do you want any dialogue?:

Fill this and comment below:)
I forgot to upload this